Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Pimp Chronicles, Part 1 DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: It Ain’t Hard out Here for Katt Williams

I knew I better brace myself when Katt Williams opened his concert flick getting high with Snoop Dogg in the back of a gaudy pimpmobile with a chandelier dangling from its ceiling. For Snoop, well-known for his low regard for females, was giving the diminutive comedian pointers on his stand-up act.
Next, after being introduced to the Atlanta audience by Anthony Anderson, the flamboyant Katt, decked out in a full-length, white fur coat, launches into an expletive and ethnic slur-laced pro-drug use routine which was apparently very well-received by the crowd. Williams, who made a most memorable screen debut as the proprietor of the “Pimps and Hos” clothing store in Friday after Next, apparently has opted to milk the most out of his career by appealing to the lowest common denominator.
He explains his preference for the B-word to the women in attendance with, “I’m only calling you bitches because I don’t know your name individually.” And he enjoys the N-word just as much, as here, where he castigates sisters for always dogging brothers with the line, “Niggers ain’t shit.” “Ladies,” he says, “you need to get a handle on your mother-f*cking life and take some responsibility b*tch. What you mean to say is that all the niggers you f*cked with ain’t shit.”
Apparently his intended demographic delights in being the butt of such insults, given the euphoric reaction shots and snippets of impromptu interviews with female fans greeting their idol with lines like “Pick up the phone, your hos are calling!” Is the DVD funny? Absolutely, Katt is a charismatic entertainer with a way with words and a big set of balls for a dwarf.
But the more important question might be whether impressionable young minds will understand that his misogynistic, self-hating, self-destructive message is all an act. Otherwise, they might find themselves heading down the wrong road if for instance they heed his advice when he wonders, “If you ain’t smoking weed, I don’t know what you’re doing with your mother-f*cking life.”
Hilarious, provided you have a very strong stomach for modern minstrelsy.

Excellent (3.5 stars)
Running time: 45 minutes
Studio: Salient Media
Distributor: Codeblack Entertainment

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