Thursday, September 25, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Latest Apatow Teensploit Arrives on DVD

Judd Apatow has the Midas touch in terms of teensploitation flicks. A year ago, he had a hand in Knocked Up and Superbad, a couple of crowd pleasers which made over a quarter billion dollars at the box-office alone. With Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Apatow ups the ante in terms of shock value by appealing to perhaps the lowest common denominator, starting with an opening scene featuring gratuitous shots of male genitalia.
Unfortunately, the film isn’t as funny as either of the aforementioned adventures. The problem starts with the ill-advised decision to cast first-time screenwriter Jason Segel as the leading man in a flick based on his own script.
The charisma-free protagonist plays Peter, a struggling composer with dreams of finding fame and fortune by writing a puppet rock opera version of Dracula.
At least Peter’s love life offsets his dim career prospects. For the past five years, he’s been in a monogamous relationship, or so he thinks, with Sarah (Kristen Bell), the glamorous star of a hit television series called Crime Scene. Just past the point of departure, she dumps Peter, vigorously denying that there’s anyone new. Half-truth-be-told, she’s already two-timing him with Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), the full of himself front man for a famous British rock band.
Disconsolate, Peter decides to take a vacation in Hawaii to get over his ex, only to discover that she’s staying at the same resort with her golden-tanned hunk. Luckily, the hotel’s gorgeous receptionist, Rachel (Mila Kunis), takes an instant interest in Peter, so it’s obvious that it’s just a matter of time before he wises up and reciprocates.
Too bad the picture’s plot is so transparent and that Jason Segel doesn’t quite have the charm called upon to make self-effacing Peter endearing.

Very Good (2.5 stars)
Running time: 118 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
3-Disc DVD Extras: Digital bonus copy of the film, deleted, extended and alternate scenes, gag reel, trailer, extended feature with commentary, rated version of the film with commentary, video chat, music video, and several additional featurettes.

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