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DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: DVD Features Novelist and His Harshest Critic in Unlikely Romance


                Johnny Ryan (Scott Caan) is a very successful romance novelist living in Los Angeles who, ironically, has never actually experienced love himself. Instead, the handsome hunk has contented himself with a series of shallow one-night stands which have never evolved into a substantial relationship.

Everything changes the night of the launch party for his latest best seller, when he has his head turned by Mercy (Wendy Glenn), a gorgeous brunette with a clipped British accent. For as he exchanges pleasantries over wine and cocktails with the mysterious stranger, Johnny finds himself feeling a warm and fuzzy sensation he’s never known before. That would be a crush.

But what Johnny doesn’t know is that Mercy’s a leading critic from New York City who has already published a scathing review of his new book. However, the truth coming out does nothing to discourage him one iota from pursuing the sudden object of his affection. Even in the face of her caustic comments like, “You write about love, but don’t know how to spell it,” he remains resolved to win her heart before she heads back to the East Coast.

Nonetheless, Mercy is not one to be so easily convinced, so she ignores Johnny’s begging to stay in L.A. In her absence, he initially reverts to his womanizing ways only to encounter erectile dysfunction issues for the first time in his life. Next, he consults with his father (James Caan), an English professor whose best advice is trite poster speak such as “Love is a myth.”

Thus unfolds Mercy, an engaging character-driven drama directed by Patrick Hoelck but written and produced by Scott Caan. Mr. Caan must be credited for fashioning a vehicle which fits him to a T, and for surrounding himself with a decent cast to execute his vision, especially Wendy Glenn in the title role.

                This sentimental sitdram seeks to answer whether a long-distance liaison between an artist and his worst critic has a fighting chance of blossoming into love? A question satisfactorily answered by this bittersweet romantic romp about growing up, albeit belatedly.


Very Good (3 stars)

R for profanity and sexuality.

Running time: 87 Minutes

Distributor: MPI Media Group/IFC Films

DVD Extras: Deleted scene, behind-the-scene photos, commentary and trailer.

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