Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Bold Moves (BOOK REVIEW

Making Bold Moves:
Creating Multimillion Dollar Success in 500 Days or Less
by Williams S. Parrish, Jr.
Foreword by Derek T. Dingle
MBM Publishing
Paperback, $19.99
162 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9839068-0-3

Book Review by Kam Williams

“In building NobleStrategy, [Bill Parrish] not only built a force in the construction management industry, he built one of the few black-owned companies that have become a leader in the $90 billion-dollar green economy—one of the sectors that President Obama has encouraged companies, large and small, to enter in order to out-innovate and out-compete the rest of the world…
The lessons you can learn in this book come at an apt time. As the black jobless rate stands at 16%, legions of African-Americans will have to embrace entrepreneurship as a means of finding employment and wealth-building opportunities… I encourage you to open the pages of this book… if you want to gain insight into the lives of entrepreneurs and what it truly takes to succeed.”
-- Excerpted from the Foreword Introduction (pgs. ix-x)

Despite the recent economic recession, William Parrish managed to turn his start-up company, NobleStrategy, into a multimillion-dollar construction management firm. He did so, in part, by securing government contracts to take advantage of the rapidly-growing green industry.
When it comes to environment-oriented corporations, it seems all we ever read about in the press are the colossal, taxpayer-subsidized failures such as Solyndra and Ener1. But this burgeoning field has its share of success stories, too. And as long as eco-friendly President Obama’s in office, any ambitious entrepreneur ought to consider approaching the feds for a share of the money earmarked for energy-efficiency programs.
If you want to follow in Mr. Parrish’s footsteps you might want to follow the lesson plan he outlines in “Making Bold Moves: Creating Multimillion Dollar Success in 500 Days or Less,” a combination how-to handbook and personal memoir designed with the self-starter in mind. He advises the reader to “research, cross-train and become certified in emerging technologies,” out of a conviction that the Sustainability Revolution will have as great an impact on reshaping the way we live and conduct business as the Industrial Revolution had on society back in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Distilling his innovative ideas down into one-sentence affirmations and slogans, the author closes each chapter with succinct summaries of what you’ve just learned, whether exhorting you to “Think big from the start!” or to “Be prepared to take risks and make bold moves!” I certainly consider his general info and insights to be of value, provided you have the requisite education and sophistication to put you in a position to take advantage of these extraordinary opportunities.
A practical primer pointing the highly-motivated in the right direction to the road to riches via self-employment.

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