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3 Nights in the Desert (DVD REVIEW)

3 Nights in the Desert
DVD Review by Kam Williams

Love Triangle Marks Musical Trio’s Reunion in Desert after a Dozen Years

            At 20, Anna (Amber Tamblyn), Barry (Vincent Piazza) and Travis (Wes Bentley) were members of a Rock & Roll trio with high expectations. But that was before the band broke up and each went their separate ways a half-dozen years ago.
In the interim, they’ve become estranged from each other. Anna made her way to Europe where she became something of singing sensation. Meanwhile, drummer Barry abandoned the dream of superstardom for the conventional path of becoming a lawyer, marrying and settling down in the suburbs to start a family. And guitarist Travis, a purist who never sold out, is still a struggling artist living in the desert.
But since they share the same birthday, and they’re all about to turn 30, Travis decides it’s time to bury the hatchet. So, he invites them to spend the weekend at his desolate lair hoping to orchestrate a reunion and maybe even regenerate some of the group’s musical magic.
Unfortunately, Travis forgot about the unresolved romantic tensions which contributed to the breakup, given how Barry had an unrequited crush on Anna who, in turn, had one on him. And the three find out how quickly those unresolved feelings can resurface upon reconvening, especially if isolated in very cramped quarters.
            Directed by Gabriel Cowan (Growth), 3 Nights in the Desert is an intriguing, character-driven drama which unfolds in thoroughly compelling fashion. The picture works because each of the protagonists is complicated, having both strengths and flaws that are readily identifiable.
If the aim of the picture is to trigger introspection in an audience about the consequences of the choices one makes in life, then bull's eye!

Very Good (3 stars)
Rated R for profanity and sexuality
Running time: 83 minutes
Distributor: Monterey Media

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