Sunday, February 11, 2018

Top Ten DVD List for February 13, 2018

by Kam Williams

This Week’s DVD Releases

The Gospel Collection [First Ever, Unedited, Word-for-Word Film Adaptation]

Wonder [A Heartwarming Tale of Kindness and Friendship]

The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection [6-DVD Gift Set]

Roman J. Israel, Esq. [Featuring Oscar-Nominee Denzel Washington]

Benji [The Original Classic]

Paradise [A Haunting Look at the Holocaust]

The Gospel of Matthew [First Ever, Unedited, Word-for-Word Film Adaptation]

#ArtOffLine [An Examination of Art in the Internet Age]

Brotherhood of Blades II [The Infernal Battlefield]

Line 41 [A Powerful, Personal Holocaust Documentary]

Honorable Mention

The Deuce Season One [The Rise of NYC's Porn Industry in the 70s]

The Sinner: Season One [Based on Petra Hammesfahr's Crime Novel]

Flames [A Real Romance Filmed over 5 Years]

Blaze and the Monster Machines [Heroes of Axle City]

We're Going on a Bear Hunt [Based on the Best-Selling Children's Book]

Hey Arnold! [The Jungle Movie]

Nova: Extreme Animal Weapons [Nature's Defense Mechanisms]

A French Village [Season 7]

American Experience [The Bombing of Wall St.]

Garfield [Nine Lives]

Nature [Arctic Wolf Pack]

PBS Kids [Ocean Adventures]

Dinosaur Train [Big Pond Adventures]

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