Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Faune Chambers Interview

The Interview with Kam Williams

Headline: Flourishing Faune

Actress/Dancer Faune Chambers is an emerging talent in Hollywood. Recently co-starring opposite Marlon and Sean in Sony Pictures' White Chicks, Faune’s combination of beauty and talent has people sitting up and taking notice. Though only in the business for a few years, she's already enjoyed a lead role in Universal’s Bring It on Again.
Born in Florida, Faune knew at a very early age that she wanted to be an entertainer. She began dancing at the tender age of 3 and was enrolled in tap, jazz and ballet. By the age of 6 she had added gymnastics to her repertoire.
At 9, her family moved to Virginia where she began competing in jazz, tap, and ballet as well as gymnastics. By 15, her family had moved again to Atlanta where she began attending the School of Performing Arts. She also joined a dance company there and began to hone her craft, appreciating the benefits of discipline and hard work.
At the age of 17 she matriculated at Spelman, the prestigious women’s college, majoring in biology/pre med. But after dancing with the Atlanta Hawks she was recruited to join the European leg of Michael Jackson’s tour as a dancer. Next, Faune decided to move to Los Angles and the rest is history.
When not acting or dancing, Faune loves to write, sing and go horseback riding. Her greatest passion is teaching dance ministry to the kids at her church. She also shares a deep love for pets, especially dogs.

KW: Hi Faune, this is a first for me. I've never interviewed an actor or actress before who I've seen all of their movies:
FC: "Oh, good."
KW: Yep, let's see. I've seen the Austin Powers pictures, Beautiful, Like Mike, Bring It On Again and White Chicks. Which one was your favorite?
FC: "White Chicks."
KW: You played Marlon Wayan's wife. What did you enjoy about it?
FC: "It was a great comedic role. Plus, I liked having the opportunity to learn so much from the Wayans Brothers, watching them all enjoy themselves while working."
KW: You're not the first to tell me how much they like the Wayans Brothers. Kel Mitchell said the same thing to me recently.
FC: "They really, really have done a lot for many different people. They're great influences."
KW: I have a question about Bring It On Again. In your very first scene, it comes out that your new college was founded by a slave master. While a white character was upset about it, you acted as though this fact meant nothing to you. How did you feel, as a black woman, playing a character like that?
FC: "We had conversations about that line. They wanted it to be that my character wasn't going to let that comment or that attitude on campus get to her. So, she decided to not even acknowledge it. It's not that she isn't aware, since obviously she's pretty much the only black person you see in the film. So, she's aware of her surroundings. The reality is that she knew the truth and she was upset about it, but the point of my line is more like, 'What do you want me to do about it, cry?' We talked about it, but it was their way of getting away from the racial conflict of Bring It On 1."
KW: So, how do you decide on a role?
FC: "My game plan is to not really think about the vanity or the money, but to make choices that are going to fill me up, that i'm going to enjoy and be proud of at the end of the day. Making choices that are about integrity as well. Quality projects."
KW: As a dancer with Michael Jackson did you appear in any of his music videos? Or any gangsta’ rap videos?
FC: "I was in one of Janet Jackson's videos, It Doesn't Really Matter, from The Nutty Professor soundtrack. And I was in videos with Will Smith, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige."
KW: How about American Idol loser William Hung, he has a Christmas CD coming out. Are you in any of his videos?
FC: "Actually, they did call, but I didn't go. [Laughs] No, no, no, no, no.”
KW: How did Gabrielle Union feel about you taking over her role in Bring It On.
FC: "She was such a sweetheart. I got her check of approval. She said she loved it so much. So, when we see each other, it's cool."
KW: What leading man would you like to be paired opposite in a romantic comedy?
FC: [A pregnant pause of at least 30 seconds, then she laughs] "You stumped me."
KW: How about your movie Beautiful which was directed by Sally Field and starred Minnie Driver. Though I liked your work in it, unfortunately it made my 10 Worst List for 2000.”
FC: "I thought it was a fun film."
KW: Did you think the Wayans Brothers were convincing in White Chicks?
FC: “As white women? Yes, it was funny.”
KW: Well, that was my main problem with the film, not their acting, but their make-up.
FC: “I thought it was a great transformation.”
KW: Obviously, I can’t expect you to comment negatively about it. How do you stay so grounded in Hollywood?
FC: “I’ve stopped trying to comprehend how anyone could function in this industry without the love of Christ. It baffles my mind every time. It was not created to fulfill the inside of a person’s soul. And you need that fulfillment and faith to have any peace whatsoever. I can’t just believe in me. I have to believe in a power greater than me that’s working for me.”

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