Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fishing for Love on the Net: A Guide to Those Searching for Love

by Myles Reed, Jr.
Paperback, $14.95
156 pages
ISBN: 978-0-595-42491-7

Book Review by Kam Williams

“Many people have tried online dating with no success. The steps necessary to secure love online still remains a mystery. Many more people are sitting on the sidelines, waiting and wondering if they should try it.
Online dating is a phenomenal avenue to meet that special someone. I am going to share with you six years of experience that will take the mystery out of online dating. I will show you that there is a process that is unique to online dating and is inescapable. The truths of my experience will give hope and clarity to those serious about finding love.”
-- Excerpted from the Introduction (pages xiii-xiv)

Judging by all the lovey-dovey couples you see snuggling in the TV commercials promoting internet dating, it’s easy to assume that finding your lifemate in the 21st Century is as simple as signing up with a matchmaking service like Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s eHarmony. Truth be told, searching for Mr. or Ms. Right is far more complicated than those ads imply.
That’s the contention of Myles Reed, Jr., author of Fishing for Love on the Net. The author, a CPA/MBA with 15 years experience in corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies, spent a half-dozen years using the net as his primary means of meeting women. And now that he’s very happily-married with a newborn baby, he’s written a book to help others avoid the common pitfalls encountered by singles seeking a companion in cyberspace.
Perusing this informative how-to tome, one soon gets the sense that it was written by a highly-organized individual who knows his subject matter thoroughly. In addition, the chapters are well-structured, with each being broken up by subheadings and bullet points which highlight salient points.
Fishing for Love opens by putting the uninitiated at ease about virtual socializing, since just as most of us now send far more email than snail mail, internet dating is now mainstream, and has already replaced face-to-face meetings as the preferred means of auditioning a potential partner. With millions of contacts a keyboard away, the challenge, apparently, is in effectively narrowing down your choices as you negotiate your way around the web without being worn out by option fatigue.
Among other things, Reed suggests being honest, not dating more than four people at once, and not carrying on more than two Instant Message conversations simultaneously. Apparently, it is also wise to subscribe to a service specializing in the type of mate you’re looking for. In his case, his efforts came to fruition after meeting his wife-to-be at
A practical guide stocked with sound advice from a satisfied customer and sage veteran of the cyber singles scene.

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