Friday, November 30, 2007

Superbad DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Funniest Comedy of Year Arrives on DVD

High school seniors Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) have been best friends since childhood. Over the years, these dorks have grown close to each other due to their sharing a low status in the social pecking order among their peers. Now, the pals find themselves facing the prospect of parting in the Fall, which is when Seth will be heading to a state college while Evan matriculates at Dartmouth.
But preventing them from experiencing any pangs of separation anxiety over their mutual dependency is their raging hormones. Despite being ostracized, they’re still totally-obsessed with the opposite sex and intent on losing their virginity before graduation.
The odds of that happening seem rather remote since they’re so unpopular, at least until the series of fortuitous events which unfolds via divine intervention during their last Home Economics class of the semester. First, Seth is shocked to be invited to a house party by Jules (Emma Stone), the cutie pie he has a crush on. After boasting that he can bring the booze, he accepts $100 from her, even though he doesn’t know exactly how, as a minor, he’s going to be able to buy any.
To the rescue comes Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), aka McLovin, a self-assured geek who confidently announces that he’s getting a fake driver’s license that very day. Then, Evan learns that Becca (Martha MacIsaac), a girl he’s long lusted for from afar, will be attending the soiree, too, and with that plot point established, Superbad is set for liftoff.
The series of skits that ensues might best be described as a relentlessly-raunchy cross between American Pie and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, a laugh out loud teensploit that’s every bit as funny as either of those classics. Fair warning, with the f-word being employed more than once a minute, you need a strong stomach for cursing to appreciate this picture. Provided you do, however, you will be richly rewarded by this testosterone-fueled fantasy which is easily the funniest movie of 2007.

Excellent (4 stars)
Running time: 119 minutes
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

2-Disc DVD Extras: Gag reel, unrated additional footage, audio commentary, deleted and extended scenes, a “Behind-the-Scenes” plus nine other featurettes.

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