Friday, January 18, 2008

Sex and Breakfast DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Macaulay Culkin Home but Never Alone in Group Sex Saga

The first question you have to ask yourself before watching this film is whether you want to see a grown Macaulay Culkin cavorting about in a kinky drama devoted to couples experimenting with group sex. For most of us, Macaulay will forever be associated with the role which skyrocketed him to fame, playing Kevin McAllister, the precocious kid who managed to outsmart a gang of bumbling burglars in Home Alone 1 & 2.
Today, the former child star still has the cute baby face, almost as if it was frozen in a case of arrested development. This makes it very difficult to buy into the premise of Sex and Breakfast, a romance drama revolving around two couples who decide to swap partners.
Even though James (Culkin) is hopelessly in love with free-spirited Heather (Alexis Dziena) he goes along with their psychoanalyst’s (Joanna Miles) suggestion that they need to spice up their stale relationship by sleeping with strangers. And wouldn’t you know it, Dr. Wellbridge just happens to have another young couple also in need of swap therapy.
It doesn’t seem to matter that those clients, Ellis (Kuno Becker) and Renee (Eliza Dushku), suffer from a different sort of sexual malady, since she is curious about lesbianism and admits to being attracted to Betty (Jaime Ray Newman), her favorite waitress at the local diner. The shrink’s dubious professional diagnosis still calls for Renee to have a roll in the hay with James while Ellis sleeps with Heather.
Don’t be duped by the steamy-sounding premise, for this dud manages to turn the prospect of swinging into a dull and decidedly antiseptic affair.

Fair (1 star)
Rated R for sexuality and profanity.
Running time: 105 minutes
Studio: First Look Home Entertainment
DVD Extras: Previews.

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