Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Pimpin' Pimpin' DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Latest Katt Williams Concert Flick Released on DVD

They say there’s a thin line between genius and madness, and it’s often very hard to tell which side of the line Katt Williams is standing on. I’ve been so curious about what make’s the diminutive comic tick that I’ve scheduled several interviews with him, each of which he either canceled at the last minute or simply failed to show up for.

Now there are reports that the inspired comic recently underwent psychological testing at the urging of his concerned relatives. I can’t say I’m surprised, given his long being associated with bizarre behavior, such as walking down a red carpet with a noose around his neck at the time that the Jena 6 case was in the news.

Whether he’s insane or simply insensitive, Katt brings an undeniable intensity to everything he does as an entertainer, whether it’s his standup act or playing an over-the-top character in a movie. The dude is funny-looking enough even before he opens his mouth, between his short stature, loud pimp outfits and that flowing mane of relaxed hair. So, by the time he finally starts to speak in that high-pitched squeal of his, the audience is already well-primed to burst into laughter.

This latest concert flick captured Katt’s act onstage in historic Constitution Hall in DC, where his material appropriately covered plenty of politics and current events. He saved some of his most scathing remarks to skewer George Bush and Hilary Clinton, referring to the latter by the b-word for assuming she’d get the black vote because of her husband.

But with Katt, a curse or an ethnic slur can just as easily be a term of endearment, as he repeatedly employs the N-word while promoting Barack Obama’s candidacy. Brash, bright and brutally-honest with a unique perspective to share, here Katt Williams serves up another shocking show which definitely won’t disappoint his legions of loyal fans.

Very Good (3 stars)


Running time: 77 minutes

Studio: Salient Media/Vivendi Entertainment

DVD Extras: Behind the scenes footage and a featurette entitled “A Day with Katt Williams in DC.”

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