Friday, December 26, 2008

In Search of a Midnight Kiss DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Sitcom Revolving around Lonely Hearts on New Year’s Eve Arrives on DVD

It’s December 31st, and Wilson (Scoot McNairy) is about to finish the worst year of his life. Since moving to L.A. recently, the struggling screenwriter hasn’t been able to sell any of his comedy scripts, plus, he’s been dumped by his girlfriend, Karen (Via Osgood). As a result, he’s lonely and practically broke with no plans for the night.
The miserable 29 year-old’s roommate’s (Brian Maguire) suggests that it’s not too late to find some companionship for New Year’s Eve. So, Wilson places a personal ad on Craig’s List online, and soon sets up a 4 PM rendezvous with Vivian (Sara Simmonds), an inscrutable temptress who describes herself as a 300 lb. dominatrix.
When they meet at a restaurant, it’s lust at first sight for Wilson, since she looks a whole lot better than billed. Still, because he’s only one of a number of strangers she’s invited for a speed date, he has to audition for her affections.
And even after she settles on him, it’s not exactly smooth sailing, as Vivian has a lot of skeletons in her closet. First, she announces that she’s only 17. Then she insists that they pray together, before saying, “This isn’t get laid for free night.” Although it’s obvious Wilson won’t be alone this New Year’s Eve, as you might guess, their ensuing date turns out to be anything but predictable.
So unfolds In Search of a Midnight Kiss, an offbeat romantic comedy written and directed by Alex Holdridge. Shot entirely in black and white, this endearing, low budget indie offers as compelling a combination of character development, credible dialogue and surprising plot twists as you might hope to encounter.
A sobering cinematic treat which puts a whole new spin on Auld Lang Syne!

Excellent (4 stars)
Running time: 89 minutes
Studio: Contender Home Entertainment Group
DVD Extras: Deleted scenes, audio commentaries by cast and crew, theatrical trailer, A “Behind-the-Scenes” featurette.

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Anonymous said...

In Search of a Midnight Kiss is a terd. No matter the hype. No matter how you pack it. No matter how you package it. A terd is a terd. The lead female, Sara Simmonds' acting is so bad that words can not describe. Her voice is hideous and the size of her head...gheez! Have you seen her last film, "Echoes of Innocence?" OMG! Horrible! She should really take some acting lessons or become a bobble head or something of the sort.