Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Nation (BOOK REVIEW)

One Nation
What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future
by Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson
Sentinel HC
Hardcover, $25.95
254 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59523-112-3

Book Review by Kam Williams
“In February 2013, I gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast… I warned my fellow citizens of the dangers facing our country, and called for a return to the principles that made America great… but our nation’s decline has continued.
Our growing debt and deteriorating morals have driven us far from the founders’ intent… Worst of all, we seem to have lost our ability to discuss important issues calmly and respectfully… We have to come together to solve our problems.
Knowing that the future of my grandchildren is in jeopardy because of reckless spending, godless government, and mean-spirited attempts to silence critics left me no choice but to write this book… a road [map] out of our decline, appealing to every American’s decency and common sense.” 
Excerpted from the Book Jacket

            Ever since Barack Obama jumpstarted his historic presidential campaign with “The Audacity of Hope,” it seems that writing a book has become a prerequisite for anyone with eyes on the White House. In recent weeks, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton (“Hard Choices”), potential spoiler Elizabeth Warren (“A Fighting Chance”) and Republican Rick Santorum (“Blue Collar Conservatives”) have all published position papers.
Now, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has written his prescription for what’s ailing the U.S., namely, One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, a clarion call for an end of the dysfunctional partisan politics which has left Washington, D.C. utterly gridlocked.  While the outspoken independent hasn’t officially aligned himself with either the Democrats or Republicans, his tough love philosophy has resonated more with right-wing conservatives, leading to regular appearances on the Fox News Network. 
Dr. Carson has been a media darling since leveling criticism at President Obama while delivering the keynote speech at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast. In this frank opus, he fleshes out his positions on a variety of issues, ranging from faith to healthcare to bigotry to morality to education.
For example, in terms of the welfare state, he argues that “Giving able-bodied people handouts rather than requiring they work for pay is every bit as cruel as the activities practiced by racists of the past.” As for gay rights, he states, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” because humans have no right to change the Biblical definition. A devout Christian, he cites Scripture before concluding that “Condoning homosexual behavior goes directly against God’s commands.”
Obviously no fan of political correctness, Dr. Carson feels that, “If we are to survive as a united nation, we must learn how to engage in civil discussion of our differences without becoming bitter enemies. And as far as presidential plans, he says he will only run, if called upon by God.  
An old-fashioned, family values candidate awaiting a sign from the Lord that his moment to lead the nation out of the wilderness has indeed arrived.
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