Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Infinite Words (BOOK REVIEW)

Infinite Words
A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing
by Zane
Paperback, $16.00
208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4767-6696-6

Book Review by Kam Williams

Drawing from decades of experience as a mega-best-selling novelist, successful publisher, and executive producer of two television shows, Zane offers practical advice on writing and publishing to aspiring writers across all media, including books, television, and film. With her signature wit and straightforward style, Zane tells it like it is, emphasizing hard work, discipline, and commitment as the keys to any successful writing career.”
-- Excerpted from the Bookjacket

More often than not, the age-old maxim, “Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach” comes to mind whenever I'm reviewing a how-to book. That's because I just can't help but wonder whether an author has successfully followed his own advice first.

In fact, I thought of that popular proverb just a week ago while reading a guide to becoming a billionaire by a guy who probably doesn't have two nickels to rub together. By comparison, Infinite Words: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing is like money in the bank since it was penned by Zane, the prolific author of “Addicted,” “The Sex Chronicles,” and a number of other steamy, erotic novels. 
The book is basically broken down into two parts. The first half focuses on the challenges associated with the nuts and bolts of writing. There, Zane focuses on the importance of having a good work ethic and of developing such fundamental skills critical to the craft as a writing style, and the ability to outline a story, develop characters, edit your work, and so forth. 
The second half of this enlightening opus is dedicated to the business side of being a writer. This section chronicles the process of getting published, from finding an agent to cultivating an audience. 
Noteworthy in this regard is the fact that Zane started out as self-published author, but after her titillating page-turners started flying off shelves, the industry took notice and it wasn't long before a major book company signed her to a lucrative contract. 
Infinite Words even features a chapter with tips on writing erotica and another with exercises on plot and character development. Overall, Zane has certainly covered everything a budding scribe needs to know to kickstart a career, and then some. 
Pearls of wisdom from the down-to-earth side of a sister ordinarily given to spinning lustful fantasies laced with lascivious adjectives like “pulsating” and “throbbing.” 

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