Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kam's Kapsules for Movies Opening January 5, 2018

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun  
by Kam Williams



Insidious: The Last Key (PG-13 for violence, terror, disturbing content and brief profanity) 4th and final installment in the horror franchise finds occult investigator Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) facing paranormal activity in her own home. With Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson and Kirk Acevedo.


Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer (Unrated) Reverential biopic about Marcelo Gomes, the Brazilian ballet star who danced with the American Ballet Theatre for the past two decades (until resigning from the company on December 21st of this year after being accused of sexual misconduct.

Before I Awake (PG-13 for violence, terror and disturbing images) Horror flick about a couple (Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane) whose recently adopted, 8 year-old son (Jacob Tremblay) comes with some scary baggage triggered by nightmares. With Annabeth Gish, Dash Mihok and Jay Karnes.

Blame (Unrated) suspense thriller about a substitute high school teacher (Chris Messina) who is disgraced after a jealous pupil (Nadia Alexander) spreads word of his clandestine affair with another one of his students (Quinn Shephard). Featuring Geneva Carr, Tate Donovan and Trieste Kelly Dunn.

Dark Meridian (Unrated) Crime thriller, set in New Orleans, about a police detective (James Moses Black) and a murder witness (Dave Davis) who join forces to apprehend the ruthless killer threatening both of their lives. With Billy Slaughter, Jody Mullins and Paul Rae.

Django (unrated) Musical biopic about Django Reinhardt (Reda Kateb) focusing on the legendary jazz guitarist's escape from occupied France during World War II. Featuring Cecile De France, Bea Palya and Bimbam Merstein. (In English, French, German and Romany with subtitles)

Goldbuster (Unrated) Sci-fi comedy, set in Hong Kong, revolving around a ghost hunter (Francis Ng) recruited by the residents of a Haunted apartment building to perform an exorcism. Cast includes Alex Fong, Teng Shen and Yi Zhang. (In Mandarin with subtitles)

In Between (Unrated) Middle East drama, set in Tel Aviv, revolving around a trio of Palestinian women (Mouna Hawa, Sana Jammelieh and Shaden Kanboura) torn between traditional and modern culture. With Mahmud Shalaby, Miri Abu and Ali Assadi. (In Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles)

In the Land of Pomegrantes (Unrated) Israeli documentary examining the Middle East conflict from the perspective of Jewish and Palestinian youngsters. (In Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles)

Project Eden: Volume 1 (Unrated) Sci-fi thriller revolving around a young woman (Emily Fradenburgh) and a former military officer (Peter Christian Hansen) who end up on the run from the FBI after uncovering proof that their kids' catatonic state is part of a global conspiracy. With Mike Dopud, Erick Avari and Cliff Simon.

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