Friday, December 29, 2017

Top Ten DVD List for January 2, 2018

by Kam Williams

This Week’s DVD Releases

American Made [Tom Cruise Stars in Fact-Based Action Flick]

Brad's Status [Father-Son Bonding Opportunity Adventure]

A Question of Faith [Christian Ensemble Drama]

Battle of the Sexes [Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs Docudrama]

Love Beats Rhymes [Inner-City Poetry Slam Saga]

Breathe [Inspirational Tale of Love in the Face of Insurmountable Odds]

The Stolen [She's Coming for You]

Hell Night: Collector's Edition [Pray for Day]

The Houses October Built 2 [5 Friends Endure Extreme Haunting]

The Adventurers [High-Stakes, Hong Kong Action Thriller]

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