Friday, August 10, 2007

And Then Came Love DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: DVD Features Vanessa Williams as Single-Mom in Search of Sperm Donor

Julie Davidson (Vanessa Williams) thought she knew what she was doing when she decided to be impregnated via artificial insemination. As a swamped reporter for Metropolitan Magazine, she had simply been too busy to date or wait for a husband. So, she went to a sperm bank where she picked out a tall, dark and handsome donor with a high SAT score, an Ivy League-education and a law school degree. Or so she thought.
Therefore, you can imagine Julie’s surprise when she got the news that her six year-old son, Jake (Jeremy Gumbs), had been pegged as an academic underachiever and diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Figuring that his anonymous biological father (Kevin Daniels) might have some answers about whether this unfortunate condition had been inherited or was a genetic anomaly, the concerned mom tracks him down and is shocked to find out that he’s a depressed, unemployed, alcoholic, freeloading dropout living in the ‘hood.
But thank God he’s at least he’s cute and likes little kids, which means Julie falls in love at first sight and it’s just a matter of time before she dumps her relatively-emasculated, Pulitzer Prize-winning fiancĂ©, Ted (Michael Boatman) for the buff beefcake. The triangle which ensues is at the center of And Then Came Love, a lighthearted look at 21st Century mating habits.
Fair warning: In order to enjoy this predictable sitcom, one must buy into the picture’s patently preposterous premise that a high-flying career woman would even entertain the idea of throwing over her practically-perfect Mr. Right for a player who had knocked her up by proxy under false pretenses. Entertaining enough as a mildly amusing diversion, even though it delivers a dubious message to impressionable girls torn between dating a nerdy nice guy and a loser without much of a future.

Good (2 stars)
Running time: 98 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video

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