Friday, August 3, 2007

I Think I Love My Wife DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Remake of French Farce Arrives on DVD Courtesy of Chris Rock

On the surface, it sure looks like Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) is living the American Dream. By day, he’s a very successful investment banker in midtown Manhattan. Evenings, he retreats to the suburbs where he is welcomed home by his loving wife (Gina Torres) and kids.
So, what’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, except that, despite all of the trappings of success, the pizzazz has gone out of the Coopers’ marriage. The problem is that both of them have demanding careers and, between work and caring for the kids, they haven’t made love in ages.
This asexual state of affairs has Richard fantasizing about every attractive woman who crosses his path. Finally, an opportunity presents itself in Nikki Tru (Kerry Washington), a seductive, former acquaintance who has suddenly resurfaced and wants to be friends again.
The plot thickens when their lunch date leaves Richard with lust in his loins. Will the availability of an eager temptress lead him to break his marriage vows? So unfolds I Think I Love My Wife, a romantic romp loosely based on Chloe in the Afternoon (1972), Eric Rohmer’s morality play exploring the meaning of infidelity.
Directed by and starring Chris Rock, this Americanized adaptation has overhauled the relatively-cerebral original into a barely-recognizable, formulaic sitcom. The picture’s fatal flaw rests in the fact that it essentially consists of a series of vaguely-familiar, poorly-executed skits shamelessly lifted from other comedies and revolving around Viagra, condoms and other prurient themes.
Anticipate finding the dialogue equally disappointing, unless you enjoy an endless indulgence in profanity and the N-word entertaining. This uncreative, unoriginal exercise in the obvious squanders the services of a very talented support cast, which included veteran character actors Steve Buscemi and Edward Herrmann,
I think I hated this movie.

Poor (0 stars)
Rated R for sexuality, ethnic slurs, and pervasive profanity.
Running time: 94 minutes
Studio: Fox Home Entertainment
DVD Extras: Deleted scenes, outtakes and blooper reel, music video, Chris Rock commentary, trailers, casting session, plus a couple of additional featurettes.

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