Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kam's Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

Kam's Kapsules:
Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun
by Kam Williams
For movies opening August 15, 2008


Fly Me to the Moon (G) 3-D animated adventure about three flies (Trevor Gagnon, Philip Daniel Bolden and David Gore) who stow away aboard Apollo 11 during its historic spaceflight in order to be the first insects on the moon. Voice cast includes Christopher Lloyd, Adrienne Barbeau, Ed Begley, Jr. and Kelly Ripa.

Mirrors (R for nudity, profanity, violence and disturbing images) Kiefer Sutherland stars in this remake of a Korean horror flick (into the Mirror) about a night watchman who finds himself confronting a malevolent force which is using mirrors to terrorize his family. With Paula Patton, Amy Smart and Frank Mayers.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (PG for smoking, mild epithets, and non-stop sci-fi violence) Animated adventure chronicling the heroic exploits of the Jedi Knights in another epic, intergalactic battle between good and evil. Voice cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee and Ian Abercrombie.

Tropic Thunder (R for violence, drug use, sexual references and pervasive profanity) Ben Stiller wrote, directed and co-stars opposite Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr. in this action comedy about actors shooting a war movie on location in the jungles of Southeast Asia who suddenly find themselves in a battle with live bullets after they are mistaken for real soldiers by guerillas.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (PG-13 for sexuality, smoking and mature themes) Woody Allen directs this romantic comedy about two girlfriends Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson), spending the summer in Spain, who fall in love with the same artist (Javier Bardem), unaware that his unstable ex-wife (Penelope Cruz) is about to reenter the picture. (In Catalan, English and Spanish with subtitles)


Anita O’Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer (Unrated) Warts-and-all bio-pic revisits the career of the legendary Anita O’Day (1919-2006), including not only classic footage of the jazz diva performing more than 30 songs, but also discussion of her overcoming a host of adversities which included heroin and alcohol addiction, and several abortions, arrests and failed marriages.

A Girl Cut in Two (Unrated) Claude Chabrol directs this love triangle about a TV weather forecaster (Ludivine Sagnier) who opts to marry the young heir (Benoit Magimel) to an industrial fortune after the middle-aged novelist (Francois Berleand) she’s really in love with who won’t leave his wife for her. (In French with subtitles)

Henry Poole Is Here (PG for mature themes and mild epithets) Luke Wilson plays the title character in this bittersweet comedy about a depressed loner with a dire medical prognosis whose desire for isolation is frustrated by the arrival of strangers who start flocking to his property to pray to the image of Christ which has miraculously appeared on the side of his house. With Radha Mitchell, George Lopez and Morgan Lilly.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (R for profanity, violence and gore) Horror comedy about a plumber (Trevor Matthews) with unresolved rage from having witnessed the murder of his family as a child who discovers his true purpose in life after awakening an unspeakable evil while working on a professor’s (Robert Englund) pipes.

One Bad Cat: The Reverend Albert Wagner Story (Unrated) Delroy Lindo narrates this Born Again documentary about a controversial, 82 year-old, African-American folk artist who found himself called by God to repent through painting at 50 after having fathered 30 children during a life as a sinner with many mistresses.

The Romance of Astree and Celadon (Unrated) 88 year-old Eric Rohmer directs this pastoral romance drama set in 5th Century Gaul, adapted from L'astrĂ©e, Honoree d’Urfe’s historical novel revolving around the stormy, forbidden love which blossoms between a handsome shepherd (Andy Gillet) and a beautiful shepherdess (Stephanie Crayencour) in a world populated by nymphs and druids. (In French with subtitles)

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seems like Lucas has tried to stretch his Star Wars franchise a bit too far... but still, Clone Wars looks fun to watch