Thursday, August 7, 2008

Then She Found Me DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Helen Hunt’s Directorial Debut Released on DVD

Based on the best seller of the same name by Elinor Lipman, Then She Found Me marks the directorial debut of Helen Hunt who stars opposite Colin Firth and Bette Midler. This bittersweet dramedy explores a host of universal themes, including love, loss, rebirth and redemption.
The story is set in Brooklyn where we find newlywed April Epner (Hunt) hearing her biological clock ticking and eager to start a family. Unfortunately the 39 year-old schoolteacher’s immature husband and colleague Ben (Matthew Broderick) is already having second thoughts about even having tied the knot. Soon, he announces that he’s decided to leave her after only 12 months of marriage.
The morning after being dumped, a Prince Charming comes waltzing into her life in the person of Frank (Firth), the father of one of her students. He’s recently separated from his wife and can barely hide his attraction to April. But before their love has a chance to blossoms a few flies land in the ointment.
First, April’s adoptive mother (Lynn Cohen) dies. Second, she finds out she’s pregnant by her ex. Third, the birth mother (Bette Midler) she’s never known, a flamboyant talk show host, shows up out of nowhere wanting to bond. So, April practically simultaneously sets about grieving, divorcing, getting acquainted with her long-lost mom, and preparing for the arrival of a baby. Oh, and she also starts dating the man of her dreams.
No need to spoil any of the picture’s surprising developments, suffice to say that the plot is anything but predictable. As for grading Hunt’s overall effort, other than perhaps being a little long in the tooth to play the girlish lead in a romantic romp, she did a decent job of directing a chick flick which ought to be a hit with the distaff demographic.

Very Good (3 stars)
Rated R for profanity and sexuality.
Running time: 100 minutes
Studio: THINKfilm Company
DVD Extras: Cast interviews, director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, and theatrical trailers.

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