Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kam's Kapsules: For movies opening February 25, 2011

Kam's Kapsules:
Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun
by Kam Williams
For movies opening February 25, 2011


Drive Angry 3-D (R for nudity, grisly images, graphic sexuality, gory violence and pervasive profanity) Nicolas Cage stars in this supernatural, redemption thriller about a revenge-minded fugitive from Hell intent on rescuing his infant granddaughter from the gang of goons who murdered his daughter. Cast includes Amber Heard, William Fitchner and David Morse.

The Grace Card (PG-13 for violence and mature themes) Faith-based morality play, set in Memphis, chronicling the combustible relationship of a racist white cop (Michael Joiner) assigned to share a police car with an African-American partner (Mike Higgenbottom) who also happens to be a minister. With Lou Gossett, Jr., Cindy Hodge and Joy Parmer Moore.

Hall Pass (R for profanity, sexuality, drug use, graphic nudity and pervasive crude humor) Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis co-star in this buddy comedy about a couple of best friends stuck in stale marriages who are given a week of freedom by their wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) with a promise of no questions asked. Ensemble cast includes Richard Jenkins, talk show host Joy Behar, comedienne Kathy Griffin, retired Red Sox great Dwight Evans and J.B. Smoove.

Shelter (R for violence, terror and disturbing images) Harrowing horror flick starring Julianne Moore as a skeptical forensic psychiatrist forced to face the fact that her new patient (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) with multiple personalities has somehow been assuming them from unsolved murder victims. With Brooklynn Proulx, Frances Conroy and Jeffrey DeMunn.


A Good Man (Unrated) Aussie documentary about a sheep framer-turned-pimp who decided to pay for his quadriplegic wife’s mounting medical expenses after a stroke by opening a brothel.

Heartbeats (Unrated) Love triangle saga, set in Quebec, about a couple of best friends (Monia Chokri and Xavier Dolan) whose close relationship is tested when they both succumb to the charms of a handsome newcomer (Neils Schneider) to town. (In French with subtitles)

Of Gods and Men (PG-13 for brief profanity, disturbing images and a scene of wartime violence) Jihad drama recounting the real-life slaughter of seven Trappist monks stationed in a monastery in Algeria who were found beheaded after ignoring the warnings of fundamentalist Muslims to vacate the premises. Starring Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale and Olivier Rabourdin. (In Arabic and French with subtitles)

Public Speaking (Unrated) Reverential bio-pic revisiting the career of Fran Leibowitz, directed by Martin Scorcese, featuring monologues by the author/journalist/pundit about everything from Obama to her beloved NYC, plus archival footage of literary luminaries like James Baldwin, Truman Capote, William F. Buckley and Toni Morrison.

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