Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speed-Dating DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Players Aplenty in Battle-of-the-Sexes DVD

Best friends Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Beaver (Leonard Robinson) and Dog (Chico Benymon) are confirmed bachelors in search of nothing more meaningful out of life than enjoying a different sexual conquest every night. Each brings his own brand of swag to the singles scene, starting with millionaire TC whose playboy philosophy is “I don’t do love.”
By contrast, Beaver is a brother who might be on the down-low, judging by how relatively clean-cut and well-spoken he is. As for Dog, he’s a freeloading pervert whose favorite porno flick is the infamous R. Kelly sex tape with an underage teen.
TC is rich only because he’s acquired control of the finances of his senile Aunt B (Roxanne Reese), a genius who made a fortune as a computer game developer before developing Alzheimer’s. Courtesy of the windfall, the trifling Romeo has purchased a nightclub with plans to turn it into a pick-up bar primarily to attract lonely females for himself and his pals.
Trouble is, the building is a bit dilapidated, and persnickety City Inspector Red Green (Chris Elliott) has given him just 30 days to bring the place up to code. So, TC and company put their heads together and come up with an erotic way of making the place pay for itself, namely, by hosting speed-dating parties where guys and girls can participate in what is essentially a game of musical chairs during which they audition potential mates for three minutes each.
The goal is to make an instant lust connection with a perfect stranger. So we soon find these jive dudes testing out lame pickup lines such as, “My name is Dog, and I like to bite” and “Why don’t we make a Barack,” the latter being leveled at a Caucasian customer.
This is the morally-repugnant premise of Speed-Dating, a crude comedy which makes light of indiscriminate copulating as the misogynistic protagonists proceed to seduce and abandon a pretty parade of na├»ve suckers. Then there’s the picture’s bizarre treatment of gay sex, with the ostensibly confused Beaver being in and out of the closet.
Just about the only reason to recommend this politically-incorrect production is for its brazenly, bawdy brand of humor designed for folks who appreciate booty call music videos like Nelly’s “Tip Drill.” It’s not this critic’s taste, but if seeing a credit card being swiped down a curvaceous anal cleft is your idea of quality entertainment, then Speed-Dating is a lowest common denominator adventure right up your alley.
A titillating tribute to the novel notion of strangers with benefits.

Good (2 stars)
Rated R for sexuality.
Running time: 104 Minutes
Distributor: Image Entertainment
DVD Extras: Cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and a theatrical trailer

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