Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love New York: The Complete First Season DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Lowbrow Reality Show Arrives on DVD

Tiffany “New York” Pollard was the most charismatic character and a two-time finalist on Flavor of Love, the reality catfight where desperate women competed for the affections of rap group Public Enemy’s clock-carrying womanizer Flavor Flav. Given the sassy siren’s popularity on that program, it only makes ratings sense that VH1 would award her with her own spin-off.
If, by accident, you ever happened to find I Love New York while channel-surfing, you probably found it impossible to take your eyes off the date-themed train wreck, and became hooked for the rest of the seedy series’ first season. With the help of her mother with a world-class attitude, Tiffany devotes each episode to paring her 20 eligible suitors down to Mr. Right.
Except for flipping genders, the show features a format similar to that of ABC’s The Bachelor, being set in a sprawling mansion where the boys bunk while being tested on matters ranging from machismo to moneymaking potential to childcare skills. What makes the production fascinating is the idea that anybody would even be interested in anything more than a one-night stand with its flamboyantly trashy star. Yet, here we have a score of eager beavers, each exhibiting an admirable earnestness as they attempt to sweep Tiffany off her feet.
The only hint that all might not exactly be on the up-and-up is the fact that the lucky guy who eventually won her heart during the finale last April, broke off the budding relationship almost immediately thereafter. This conveniently afforded VH1 the opportunity to sign New York up again, and the network has reportedly already shot the entire second season, which is set to debut on October 8th.
Regardless of whether it’s authentic or all staged, I Love New York remains a jaw-dropping tribute to one of the most narcissistic egomaniacs you’d ever want to meet. And the same goes for her equally-delusional mom.

Excellent (4 stars)
Running time: 495 minutes
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

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Anonymous said...

4 stars for a crappy reality show?

but 1.5 for valley of elah?

I cannot believe you call yourself a reviewer.

That kills any cred you thought you had.