Monday, March 3, 2008

Hairkutt DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Tough Love Doled Out to Heroin Addict Going Cold Turkey

Have you ever watched a heroin addict trying to kick the habit? Would you like to? If so, then you might be interested in Hairkutt, a sobering documentary which delivers an anti-drug message many times more powerful than any Public Service Announcement.
In the winter of 2002, several life-long friends of Bryant “Hairkutt” Johnson, got fed up with watching him remain a slave to his 15-year, $100 a day habit. So, they decided to stage an intervention. First, they rented a cabin in the mountains in rural Tennessee, far away from the streets of St. Louis where Hairkutt scored his smack. Then, after securing their pal’s written permission, they let him enjoy a final hit before setting out on the ten hour trip.
Once there, they spread plastic on the floor from wall to wall, tied restraints to the bed and waited for the first signs of withdrawal to kick in. Although they’d read about what to expect, they weren’t really ready for The Exorcist-like scene that ensued.
For over the next five days Hairkutt would vomit and defecate himself practically into non-existence while incessantly cursing and threatening to call the cops when not demanding that his body be fed the narcotics it craved. But the resolute quartet attending to him would not be deterred from their mission, denying him drugs, and constantly cleaning up the foul-smelling mess emanating from deep in his bowels.
However when the black bile he was throwing up started turning bloody, they did rush him to the nearest hospital. He was soon released with a clean bill of health, and Hairkutt had seemingly successfully gone cold turkey.
The entire five-day ordeal was filmed by Curtiss Elliott, and makes for riveting viewing, provided you have a stomach for bodily function fare. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, since Hairkutt promptly returned to drugs upon his return home. Still, this chilling documentary ought to serve as all the warning anyone might need never to try heroin even once.

Excellent (4 stars)
Running time: 77 minutes
Studio: Reel Life Films
DVD Extras: Additional scenes and uncut detox footage

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