Friday, March 21, 2008

Showstoppers DVD

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Headline: Sister Sorors Get Their Chance to Step Dance in Degrading DVD

A Year Ago, Stomp the Yard, a movie about step dancing competitions among African-American fraternities, was a surprising #1 hit at the box office. In Showstoppers, we have a similarly-themed straight-to-DVD adventure starring Tamala Jones, Clifton Powell and Dorian Gregory. But instead of revolving around brothers’ routines, this flick showcases the choreography of sisters in sororities.
The story is set at the mythical Virginia National District University, where the pat plot pits Destiny (Faune Chambers) against Pam (Angell Conwell) in a bitter rivalry to lead Lambda to the National Step Championship Competition. And a sexy sidebar has Destiny torn between dating a player (Fredro Starr) and nice guy Fabian (Bryce Wilson).
Unfortunately, the execution of the story leaves a lot to be desired. The script is laced with degrading jokes in which the women teasing each other about having nappy hair, and for being “ragheads,” “tramps” and “skanks.” Since Don Imus’ disgusting remarks about the young women on the Rutgers Basketball team, this sort of humor falls flat, even when coming from the mouths of African-Americans.
Even worse than the dialogue is the dancing, especially in the film’s finale, a sloppily-staged showdown against cross-town rival Virginia Downs University. This take the money and run production looks more like a college student project than a completed full-length feature which deserved to be released.
Stomp the DVD!

Poor (0 stars)
Running time: 95 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Extras: A documentary about the more than two million African-American women who are currently members of sororities.

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